Seasons of Impressionists (MFA) - iPhone Case

The collection “Seasons of Impressionists” showcases two artists at the centre of the artistic movement. As a founder of Impressionism, characterised by visible small brushstrokes creating a “unfinished” look, Claude Monet makes the perfect subject for this collection.

The beautiful and peaceful Water Lilies is part of a series of oil paintings depicting Monet’s water garden in his home in Giverny, France, highlighting the artist’s fascination with light and reflection on water.

Merge modern technology with our Monet designs from the Impressionist movement. Perfect for adding a little art history in your life.
Size: iPhone 11

Claude Monet. Lived 1840 – 1926

A founder of the French Impressionist movement, Monet‘s talent was evident from a young age.

Born in Paris in 1840, Monet was often sketching and sold his charcoal caricatures and early oil paintings to locals. He was drafted to serve as a soldier in Algeria; yet refused his father’s offer to pay for his discharge, on the grounds he would have to forgo his passion for painting.

As a struggling artist frustrated with the art establishment, with a group of friends - Renior, Pissarro, Morisot, Cézanne and Degas, they coined the term ‘Impressionism’. Impressionism came from their work looking ‘unfinished’, just giving an impression of the scene. They exhibited their work in 1874, with landscapes of bright, vivid colours and paintings with loose, quick and seemingly spontaneous brushstrokes. These artists were radically different to anything seen before in the art world.

Monet’s water garden began in 1893, when he bought land in Giverny. Remembered as his ‘last obsession’, an arched wooden bridge was built across the narrowest part of the pond, where he had waterlilies imported from Egypt and South America. 17 paintings feature the Japanese-style bridge, and there are over 250 paintings of his Giverny garden, painted with long-handled brushes, for a more fluid, free brushstroke, and to also see how each mark would look from a further distance.

Water Lilies
Oil on canvas

Often considered Claude Monet’s greatest moments in his career as a painter, his Waterlily pond became his last obsession. From 1897, Monet created a series of paintings depicting this beautiful paradise within his garden in Giverny, France. Though never directly representing his subject matter, he hoped to elude “the presence through shadow and the whole through the part”.

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